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From Karate!

The mixed –gender practice of karate elevates the respect given to women by disrupting stereotypes. The gender “sameness” characteristic of much sports practice is broken down, allowing for the development of mixed gender friendships founded on mutual understanding of the other. 

There's even a research study on it!

Our younger daughter Evie does karate. She was invited by a male friend of hers to "bring a friend" day at the dojo. From the very beginning there has been no gender segregation. Athletes train beside, with, and against one another regardless of gender. Sensei also runs a tight ship. He does not tolerate ANY disrespectful ness. Karate in itself promotes respect, honor, and integrity.

Evie LOVES going to karate. It's the one thing I have not had to fight her on to go. She even parcitpated in her first tournament last year and won 2nd place in the kata (forms) event!

The students at the dojo watch males and females train of ALL ages train together thus cultivating a truly gender equitable environment!

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