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We are in this together!

This weekend I was talking with a good friend of mine and telling her about the foundation. She listened thoughtfully like she always does. But then had hesitation and said, "but I'm on the other side, I have a son." I said to her, "there's no sides, he would never treat a female athlete like less of a teammate would he?" She responded with the answer I already knew, "absolutely not."

And that is what this is foundation is about. It's about championing both genders that advocate for gender equality. She then proceeded to tell me about how there is a female athlete on her son's hockey team and how when they have to pair up he is always pairs with her. He is the epitome of a coachable, dependable, honorable athlete.

He is the inspiration for us to create a gender equality ambassador program to celebrate those male athletes that already do what the world needs.

We are in this together!

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